Success Stories

Client Testimonials

Shirley Villatoro Fadely Law – NC

Working with the team at LegalGen has been a pleasure, we’ve been able to integrate our unique requirements into the application, enabling us to provide a seamless platform for our clients.

Carol Butrus FBFK – TX

LegalGen gives us the ability to provide our clients more options and we’re able to retain more prospective clients.

Lorie Burch Burch-Law.com – TX

With the online Will Application through LegalGen, I’ve been able to become more efficient with my time, enabling me to serve more clients, more quickly.

Lewis Fadely Fadely Law – NC

LegalGen is a time saver, very user friendly and easy to use for both our clients and staff.

Tiffany O’Connell O’Connell Law – MA

The system is absolutely brilliant. It’s helpful from the client’s perspective because of the ease of use and the attorney’s because it reduces so much time and effort.