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LegalGEN is a remarkably intuitive Estate Planning Application designed for both your team and clients. It effortlessly gathers, organizes, and evaluates digital data received from your clients, which directly links your distinct document templates, therefore saving you valuable time drafting documents.

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LegalGEN Key Benefits

Discover the many key benefits of LegalGEN's Estate Planning Application

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Our innovative software <a href="">solution</a> is designed to make estate planning easy, with real-time updates, secure document sharing, and intuitive navigation. See the improvement in your estate planning process with LegalGEN.

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Significantly better client experience
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Answer questionnaires from anywhere at any time
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Conditional driven questions with detailed instructions
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Eliminate duplicate data entry
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Easy to make changes/adjustments
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Improve Your Practice and Deliver Better Outcomes

Streamline your estate planning process with LegalGEN's innovative attorney dashboard. Our powerful software solution provides all the tools and resources you need to manage your clients' estates efficiently and effectively. Improve your practice and deliver better outcomes with our attorney dashboard -

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Significant time savings, proven to be over 50%
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Automatically updates your own unique document templates
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Real Time communication mechanism between Attorney and client
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Less overhead to make changes to draft documents
LegalGEN Inc
Eliminate the need for in person meetings until the signing ceremony
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Maximize Your Client Acquisition

Maximize your client acquisition and boost your practice's growth. LegalGEN will help you attract more clients and increase your client base.

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Digital marketing opportunities
LegalGEN Inc
Reach more clients
LegalGEN Inc
Offer lower “online options”
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Client driven referral programs
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Offer multiple products or incentivize with specials
how it works

LegalGEN Process

Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to a smarter, more efficient way of estate planning with LegalGEN.

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We work with you to create an extremely user friendly, online, interactive intake/questionnaire, specific to YOUR documents

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Based on the questions asked, we work with you to create comprehensive instructions/explanations to your clients, as if you were sitting next to them while they answer the questions

LegalGEN Inc


We map the conditional responses from the questionnaire to YOUR documents

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Control Panel

We finish the application by tying everything together in an easy-to-use Attorney control panel where the office can download the finished documents

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We work with you positioning the application, finding the most suitable deployment and marketing option(s)

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The application is live and clients are happily filling out the questionnaire, your office is simply reviewing the completed documents and arranging for signatures

We Offer Much More

Upgrade to LegalGEN and get more than just law software


Get Blog Feeds

Stay up-to-date on the latest estate planning news and strategies with LegalGEN's blog page. Our blog features informative and educational articles written by experts in the field, covering a wide range of topics.


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