Application Overview

LegalGEN estate planning application offers a unique document drafting and intake solution that sets it apart from other systems. Unlike the other methods, LegalGEN lets you use the documents you have developed over time. They can be combined with an online, conditional questionnaire that clients can use to fill in their details, making the process easier and more user-friendly than traditional PDF and Word documents.

Once clients have completed the questionnaire, their answers are automatically mapped into your custom document templates. This means quickly reviewing the completed documents in the LegalGen Attorney Dashboard, and arranging for signatures.

LegalGEN is an online application that enables you to capture & convert leads and interface with your clients & their contacts, allowing you to maximize your earning potential, retain more clients, have more upsell opportunities and benefit from it without sacrificing your unique brand.

Landing Page & Intake

The landing page gets fully customized to your brand and message because it is the first point of contact between you and your client.

On the landing page, we offer various registration & login options; the user may choose to create a login using their name, phone number, and email and can choose to utilize instant login capabilities via Google, Facebook, and other sites of choosing. Below you will find a small sample of some of our current clients’ landing pages:

The Intake portion is the heart of the LegalGEN application and serves two main functions:
1. To provide a mechanism for your client to input all the necessary information to complete your document package(s).

2. To take the information from your client and automatically input that into your documents. This is the “secret sauce” of LegalGEN which allows you to download the completed document package, perform a quick review and arrange for signatures.

Client Experience

We believe that in building a successful law practice, a better client experience is essential. That is why we have created an estate planning application that offers the best possible client experience.

Our application offers customization designed to cater to your brand, content, and language, giving the end user the feeling that they are dealing with your office directly and a streamlined and modern experience. Filling out, updating, and interacting with your office from any device at any time has been made easy for your clients.

Communication is crucial to building solid relationships with clients! That’s why our application offers multiple ways for clients to reach out to your office, including email, chat, forwarding questions, and auto-notifications you can configure & control to keep your clients up-to-date with the status of their documents.

We also offer a mobile application that provides your clients with a list of conditional questionnaires available to accommodate any scenario. By providing a user-friendly experience, clients will be happy & satisfied, spend more, and return or refer others to your practice. At LegalGEN, we’re dedicated to helping you create a successful and efficient estate planning practice built on excellent client service.

Automated Doc Assembly

While other systems claim to be automated, they fall short in mapping information from the end user’s interface into your templates. At LegalGEN, we take automation to the next level, revolutionizing the drafting & document management system. Our unique approach saves you hours per package, including trusts. By copying the end user’s answers directly into your templates, you can deliver a completed document package without needing constant client interaction until final signatures are required. The assembly system is fully automated, allowing you to update administrative information such as screens, trusts, deeds, and other documents through the backend using the same easy-to-use intake process that provides an improved client experience. With us, you streamline your workflow, save time, and focus on what matters most.

Attorney Dashboard

Our attorney dashboard offers a smooth and efficient experience for attorneys, paralegals, and drafters. With the user-friendly interface, the attorney dashboard is tailored to your office’s needs, ensuring quick access to the most relevant screens and information. Updating user-specific screens take seconds, and offices have complete control over administering, maintaining, and enhancing what is visible and available to your end users. With LegalGEN, your office streamlines your workflow and improves the overall experience for your staff, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional legal services to your clients.

Get More Clients

With our full Online Will Application, you can expand your reach to clients that may have been difficult to interact with and optimize your time by streamlining other areas that would have otherwise taken longer to complete. The platform opens up new opportunities for your business, including legal plans, digital advertising via social media and email campaigns, and partnering with financial advisors to expand your client base.