The Application


LegalGen is drastically different than any other drafting or intake system today on the market.  The key differentiator is that we use YOUR documents, the documents that you have worked on for years and have perfected.  We couple these documents to an online, conditional driven questionnaire which allows your clients to fill out their pertinent information, providing a much better user experience, particularly compared to the ubiquitous PDF & Word documents commonly sent today.


Subsequently, those users will do the work for you, as their answers are copied (mapped) into your own unique document templates, with the required information, in the correct places, as if you manually completed the document.  You simply navigate to these now completed documents in the LegalGen Attorney Dashboard, perform a quick review and arrange for signatures.  


Lastly, because LegalGen is an online application, you are able to capture, convert and interface with your end users and their provided contacts.  You are also able to bring this technology to market in numerous ways (as highlighted below), maximizing your earnings potential, retaining more clients and realizing more upsell opportunities.  All this is achieved by keeping your own unique brand, from your logo to your color schemes and content.  If you’re just starting out, or would like a branding facelift, we can work with a team of experienced graphic artists and web designers to create your brand.

Landing Page & Intake

The landing page is just that, the first point of contact for your client.  As such, it is completely customized to your brand and message.  This is also where we offer various registration & login options; the user may elect to create a login, using their name, phone number and email.  They may also utilize instant login capabilities via Google, Facebook and other such sites of your choosing.  Below you will find a small sample of some of our current clients’ landing pages:

The Intake portion is really the heart of the LegalGen application.  It serves 2 major functions:

1. To provide a mechanism for your client to input all of the necessary information required to complete your document package(s).  This is done by making sure that the user has an extremely friendly experience.  We also work with you to customize the descriptions in anticipation of any and all questions that may arise.  This ensures that the user will be able to complete the intake questionnaire with ease, in a timely manner and with a complete understanding of what they are filling out and why.

2. The second major function is to take the information from your client and automatically input that information into your documents, in the correct place, with the correct variables accounted for.  This is really the “secret sauce” of LegalGen which allows you to simply download the completed document package, perform a quick review and arrange for signatures.

Client experience

Better client experience will lead to happier clients, higher spending, returning users and referrals and providing your clients with a pdf or word questionnaire form, they then have to fill out, save, print and return to the office does not result in a optimal client experience. Our application will provide the best client experience. The customized version of our app caters exactly to your brand, content and language, the end user will feel as if they are dealing with your office, while they can fill out, update and interact with your office anytime and from any device. We can even provide the end user – your clients – with a mobile application that, like the application, will have a full list of the conditional questionnaires available to accommodate any and all scenarios. Additionally, the client will be able to email, chat or forward questions, while there are auto notification you can configure and control.

Automated Doc Assembly

All drafting and assembly document management system will claim that they are automated yet none have the ability to map the information from your end users interface – answers –  into your templates.  LegalGen has truly automated the process we copy the end sers answers into your templates/product and therefore save hours per package including trusts.  Thanks to this unique process and approach, you can truly deliver, complete and get paid without having to interact with your clients until final signatures are due. The assembly system, updating administrative specific information like screens, trust, deed or other documents can be accessed and updated through the backend using the same easy to use intake process and improved client experience

Attorney Dashboard

 Like the intake questionnaires, the office, including attorneys, paralegals or drafters will have a significantly improved experience using Legalgen. The same user interface is available as part of the attorney dashboard, updated to user specific screens will take seconds while offices have the abiliity to fully administor, maintain and enhance, what is visable and/or available to the end users. 


Get More Clients

With a fully available online Will application, you can now interact with clients that you otherwise would not have while also leveraging other areas that typically would have required lots more time. Additional opportunities for business are legal plans, digital advertising (social media and good campaigns) and referring and/or partnering with financial advisors.

Product Tutorials



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